Gatsby’s Rules for Humanity

I’d like to say it’s time I joined the Gatsby Hype but the truth is, I joined it many months ago! I’m not ashamed to admit that a countdown timer was placed in my phone from the moment the movie release date was announcImageed! I even read the book twice in the space of 6 months! Gatsby has been the topic of many debates and discussions in my home and amongst friends so it’s only natural I write about what I think Gatsby teaches us about the Rules for Humanity. A discussion that could go on for a while, here are a couple of short and sweet rules:



Jay Gatsby is most likely one of the most selfless literary characters I’ve ever met. Whilst his intentions were somewhat selfish (wanting to get Daisy), he was still willing to selflessly host a myriad of parties providing an abundance of food, alcohol and entertainment! He didn’t care who came and who didn’t.


Now I’m not saying that we should all be filthy rich and throw our money into anything and everything, but the ability of being selfless should be a human necessity. If there’s one thing people hate, it’s a selfish, self-centred and conceited individual. Doing someone a favour, random acts of kindness, sharing and giving some of your time are ways that we can act in Gatsby’s spirit.


Don’t be  a terrible friend!

For such a short book, Fitzgerald has definitely jam-packed the 120 or so pages with a crazy amount of morals, themes and intricate characters! But one thing always stands out for me. Friends can be terrible. Don’t be!


Gatsby in his selfless way catered to thousands of people! Whilst I will admit not all of them knew him personally, some did. Despite this, no one turned up to his funeral. An image that always brings me to tears, I can’t help but think Fitzgerald is warning his readers of the perils of friendship. Some are true and some are only using you.


Take this as a life lesson and don’t be a terrible friend! Now I’m not going to guide you on HOW to be a good friend because my expectations differ to those of others. But don’t be a terrible friend! It’s all about being grateful and appreciative for what others around you have to offer to your life.

Rule for Humanity: Don’t be a selfish idiot and appreciate those that contribute to your life.

What has The Great Gatsby taught you?