A shout out to Miss STI

The line between private and public seems to be an obvious one. Private. No one except intimate peers. Public. Everyone else. Simple, right? So I simply can’t understand how people can have such obviously private conversations on public transport!


I’d like to offer a shout out to Miss STI. The lovely lady that provided much amusement by airing her dirty laundry on a public train! Her little secret is safe – with the 20 or so commuters (and strangers) on her carriage. I’d imagine there’s nothing worse than getting over an STI but all is well as one has the support of many CityRail commuters.


Nowhere near a whispered conversation, my fellow commuters were delighted with a retelling of her latest health check up. Diagnosed with an STI, she needs to rethink her past sexual partners to let them know. We were then delighted with a recount of her past sexual partners names and how she could possibly let them know.  Chuckle worthy as it was,  I would have assumed she understood that she was on a PUBLIC train. Seeing the many commuters surrounding her would’ve been a dead giveaway.  Alas, it was proven otherwise when she proceeded to tell her phone buddy “But please, don’t tell anyone. I don’t want anyone to know.”


Well done, Lady. Well done.


Rule for Humanity: Don’t air your dirty laundry on  a Public Train. Speak in a softer voice. Utilise the messaging feature on your phone! 

If you do decide to have a private conversation, how about teaming that up with a private setting?


…Or don’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets bored on an hour long train ride.