I can’t Tate it anymore!


I’m not big on museums and galleries. I probably pop into one twice a year or so. During my current tour of London I thought it was time to revisit art and visit the Tate.

You would think a place made for the ‘smarter’ of humanity to unite in a shared interest would call for proper behaviour – particularly in the Queen’s country!

I was mistaken. 

Whilst viewing artworks, people would stand infront of, shove you, stick their hands in your line of vision and jabber away about crap, ruining the art experience!

Now I don’t want to take the fun out of viewing art, but stand to the side and form a neat arch around the artwork! Do you want a closer look? Wait for the crowd to clear! Need to take a phone call or chatter about nonsense?  You walked in through a door – now walk out!

Rule for humanity: Share art!