The case of Gertrude

“Thanks for calling _____. You’re speaking with Rosette. No, my name is not Rose or Rosie. It isn’t Roseanne or Annette either. But I understand your mistake there.
 It definitely isn’t Therese but I doubt you’ll listen to me when I say that as I’m guaranteed to be called Therese 5 times a shift.
I definitely  AM NOT Greg. Last time I checked, I was all female. I swear!
Gertrude?! You’re calling me Gertrude?!
…I may just hang up now!”
Customers . A word that makes the Earth tremble and thunder sound!
Please, enlighten me! How does one get Gertrude from Rosette?!
I would have thought the first point of courtesy is getting someone’s name right. A small error can be forgiven on even the worst of days but some names simply don’t leave room for anger, only wonder, a little eye rolling and possibly exasperated sighs.
What I want to know is what will happen when a complaint is made against Therese? Or Greg? Or my beloved Gertrude?
Rule for Humanity: Get your act together Humanity! Pay Attention!