Easy as eBook

Working in customer services opens your eyes to the the stupidity of the world. I often feel I’m being too critical and just acting like a bitch but then I think, had stupidity been nonexistent, I wouldn’t even have the amount of work that I have. Heck, I could be jobless! Thank you stupidity?

The cake today goes to a customer who tried to refund an eBook because she ‘thought it was a hard copy’.

A moment of silence, please, for her dead brain cells.

Not only did she enter a website that holds no other purpose than to sell eBooks, she then claimed to have bought this without knowing what an eBook actually was. So she’s knowingly accessed a website to buy something that she doesn’t know anything of?

Explain to me again, miss, how this is my fault?

When I explained that her error STILL meant she can’t exchange her eBook for a hard copy because:

A) I have no way of retrieving the eBook and guaranteeing she won’t still use it.

B) We don’t sell hard copies of books. It’s an eBook website!

She wasn’t too pleased and once again went on about how the website was misleading.

A website specifically for eBooks which she used to buy (you guessed it!) eBooks is misleading?

It’s safe to say her threats to involve a lawyer will cost her more than her $10 eBook. Her refusal to shop with me again will be a blessing. And her stupidity lives on another day to entertain another person.

Rule for Humanity: It’s okay to be unsure. Call and clarify. It’s okay not to know. We are blessed with Google. It’s not okay to walk yourself into trouble and then try and be compensated for your mistake. You’ll land yourself on my blog.