Tangled Secrets

Getting my hair cut is one of those things I’m always too lazy to get done. I’d like to say I get it done every three months but the reality is I think about it three months after my last haircut and then finally make it into the salon another three months later. My three-months-turned-into-six-months recently came and I walked into a random (yet bustling) salon one afternoon. 

Now call me conceited but when I pay for a service, I expect to get exactly that – SERVICE. Instead I sat at a seat and was shoved and pulled to the hairdressers liking because apparently asking me to move this way or that was out of the question. Speaking to me seemed to be out of the question completely as any of my attempts for small talk was ignored. I’d like to say that the hairdresser simply wasn’t the talking type but we all know that that’s impossible.

She did like to talk to her other colleague though! The one standing next to her cutting someone elses hair. They managed to discuss how they couldn’t discuss who they invited to an upcoming dinner because it was a secret. A secret so secret it was worth mentioning in public. This was followed by a little workplace gossip that suddenly escalated to non-stop bitching about their boss. THEIR BOSS who was frantically walking up and down the salon trying to get his job done.

It appears I forgot to read the disclaimer as I entered the salon. “Expect rudeness and bitchiness because you’re not paying to be one of our customers. You’re paying to be a means for us to kill time.”

Rule for Humanity: I can’t believe I have to actually spell it out for these rude aliens who try to be human – but ignoring is not cool. NOT. COOL.