Please explain!

Not many things frustrate me. I’m usually the type that can turn a blind eye and move on from small potentially annoying things. But visiting a local cafe recently got me thinking…what do cafes do that simply piss us off?

#1: Napkins UNDER food:

The logic behind this baffles me. Simply because there isn’t any. What use is a napkin to me if it’s under my sandwich already dirty from crumbs and sauce?!

#2: Intact prawn tails:

Now unless it’s a prawn cocktail, leaving the tail of the prawn intact is the post pointless thing! What role does it play, except for giving us sticky fingers as we dish them out of our food to remove the tails then feel awkard returning it into a dish so instead we eat it alone? i.e. Prawns on Pizzas, Prawns in pasta or a prawn hot pot. Infuriating!

#3: Ridiculous prices for extras:

$3 for an extra rasher of bacon atThe Coffee Shop. $3. 1 piece of bacon. Enough said.

Rules for Humanity: If you’re doing any of the above, I have no rules for you. You’re making my faith in humanity¬† diminish.