Etiqu-what?! – A uniquely devised phrase to express ones utter shock at humanity’s social behaviour.

Welcome to the blog and ultimate guide of House Rules for Humanity.

Living in the confined space of our Earth, it’s often a source of pure wonder how some inhabitants feel their behaviour is remotely socially acceptable.

Manners? Non-existent.

Fashion? Nonsense.

Proper use of the English Language? None.

This is only the beginning!

With a major in psychology and a minor in English Texts down my sleeve joined with six years of work in the customer service industry and a keen eye for our ever-failing society, it only seemed appropriate to blog my thoughts for the cyber world to rally with me (or against me).

The pains of our earthly existence have no hiding place here! They’ll be named and shamed for our amusement! After all, what more do they have to offer to society?


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